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Детские стихи на каждый день



On the floor lies tiny Teddy
Half a paw is gone already.
He is tattered, torn, and lame.
Yet I love him just the same.



The Wooden Bull Calf.


The Bull-Calf walks with shaking knees.
The funny thing’s so small
The board is ending soon, he sees.
And he’s afraid to fall.



The Elephant.


Time for bed! The Calf’s asleep,
In his basket, snug and deep.
Teddy’s sleeping in his cot,



But the elephant is not.
He nods his head and looks askant
At the Lady Elephant.


My Horse.


How I love my little horse!
I will brush him very well, of course,
I will comb his tail and mane,
And go riding out again.



The Ball  


Little Tanya’s sadly sobbing,
On the waves her ball is bobbing.
Don’t cry your eyes out so:
Rubber balls don’t drown, you know.





Once a little scatter-brain
Left poor Bunny in the rain.
What could little Bunny do?
He got wet just through and through.
Once a little scatter-brain
Left poor Bunny in the rain.
What could little Bunny do?
He got wet just through and through.



The Lorry.


Now we all are very sorry:
We put Pussy in the lorry;
Pussy didn’t like the ride – 
Lo! The lorry’s on its side.



The Aeroplane  


We will build a plane and soar
Over woodland, sea and shore, 
Over woodland, sea and shore,
And fly back to Mum once more.



My Billy Goat


With my goat, so small and funny,
I go walking every day.
In our garden, green and sunny, 
I and Billy love to play.
Should my little Billy stray,
I will find him straightaway.


The white bear.


The water in the sea is cold,
It is cold as ice,
But I am not afraid at all:
My coat is warm and nice.



My black cat.


My cat is black 
My cat is fat
My cat likes rat
Rats are grey and fat.



Little  pussy. I have a little pussy 
And her coat is grey
She lives in my house
And she never runs away.



I have a cat.


I have a cat, his name is Pit,
And with me he likes to sit, 
For Pit loves me, and I love Pit.


My cat.


I love my cat. 
It is warm and fat.
My cat is grey,
It likes to play.





The cow says, "Moo, moo, 
I have some milk for you”.




Puppy, puppy, come to me,
Let us play under the tree.



I have a dog,
His name is Jack. 
His head is white, 
His ears are black.





I have a little dog 
And his name is Jack
His head is white 
And his ears are black.



My dog.


My dog is clever, strong and quick, 
It's name is Spot, my name is Nick. 
My dog is nice, my dog is gay,
We play together every day.





I think mice are very nice, 
Their tails are long, 
Their faces are small, 
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white,
They run about the house at night.
They eat things
They must not touch.
And no one seems to like them much.
But I think mice are very nice.



Grizzly bear.

If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear -
You must never, never, never ask him where
He is going -
or what he is doing:
For if you ever, ever dare
To stop a grizzly bear – You will never meet
Another grizzly bear.

Little grey mouse.
- Little grey mouse, 
Where is your house? 
- I can show you my flat
If you don't tell the cat.
My flat has no door
I live under the floor
I come out in the night
And go back when it's light.
Where do you live?
Where do you live little mouse? 
Where do you live? In the Zoo? 
In the Zoo? Oh, no. Do you?
Do you live in the Zoo? 
I live in the house like you.
 The clock.
I can tell you all the day:
Time to sleep and time to play.
A watch.
It is running night and day, 
But never runs away.
Tick-tock, tick-tock,
Knick-knock, knock-knick,
Flowers here,
Flowers there, 
Flowers growing 
Trams and cars.
Trams and cars in our town 
Run up and down, 
Run up and down.
In the streets the buses run,
Two by two, or one by one.


I wish you were here - Жаль, что тебя нет со мной

I miss you, my dear,
I wish you were here...

I love jam and honey,
I wish I had money...

I love candies even more,
I wish I worked at a candy store.

What can I tell you, my sweet Andy,
I wish you loved me more than candies!

Wait a minute -
Подождите минуту
Hold the line -
Не вешайте трубку
Hold on -
Его нет на месте
She's on her way -
Она вот-вот будет
If it's not much of a trouble -
Если это Вас не сильно затруднит:
He stepped out -
Он вышел ненадолго
Call back later -

Can I speak to Mr. Pine?
Wait a minute, hold the line.
Could I speak to Mrs. Green?
Sorry, but she isn't in.
Can I speak to Linda Bay?
Hold on, please, she's on her way.
If it's not much of a trouble,
Could I speak to Mr. Bubble?
He stepped out, Mr. Twix,
Call back later, after six.