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Holidays - How I spend my holidays


Holidays… This is the sweetest word I can pronounce. All the pupils  all over the world are looking forward to the end of the term time. We try to finish it with good marks so that not to have debts at school and problems with the parents. We want to have good time and relax.

We can do whatever we like, we don't have to get up too early, do our homework or think of troubles which occur very often at school.

Our system of education allows us to have holidays in every season. So we can enjoy different weather conditions. Most of pupils like summer holidays, they are the longest ones. We have the opportunity to socialize with friends and find new acquaintances.  We can go the river, play out-door games, swim, sunbathe, have a picnic. We have really a good rest and at the end of summer I am a little bit tired from it.


In winter it is snowy and frosty, one can go skating, skiing, sledging, make a snowman or have a fight with snowballs. It is very nice because winter holidays coincide with the main party of the year – The New Year day. We like all the preparations for the holiday, the fussaround the fur-tree and presents.


Spring and autumn holidays are alike. The weather is almost the same. Sometimes it is windy, it can be shining brightly, or the days are dull and rainy. But my friends and I want to change the learning activity, that’s why we go for a walk, ride a bike or roller-skate. In any case it is better than to sit in front of the computer and socialize with the help of Internet.


I think that holidays provide us with the opportunity to be more responsible, because we have a chance to manage our time and do what we need to prepare for our future. As for me I pay more attention to my English, drawing and Maths. I want to be a good specialist, that’s why I learn more and try to spend time nice and profitably.


all over the world вовсем мире

to be looking forward to с нетерпением ждать чего-либо

term time учебная четверть

debts [dets] - долги

occur - происходить

weather conditions – погодные условия

opportunity to socialize возможность пообщаться

acquaintance [əkˈweintans] - знакомый

out-door games игры на свежем воздухе

to be a little bit tired – немного устал

have a fight with snowballs – играть вснежки

coincide [koinˈsaid] - совпадать

fuss - суматоха

learning activity – учебная деятельность

In any case влюбом случае

provide us with the opportunity – давать возможность

responsible - ответственный

to manage our time – распоряжаться временем

pay more attention to – обращать внимание

spend time nice and profitably – проводить время с интересом и пользой




1. Translate into English


1. Люди во всем мире с нетерпением ждут своего дня рождения. 2. Если слабо работать во время учебной четверти, то под её конец  у ученика скапливается большое количество долгов, справиться с которыми под силу только ответственному и целеустремленному (ambitious) человеку. 3. Погодные условия часто не дают нам возможности поиграть на свежем воздухе. 4. Когда чувствуешь себя усталым, лучший способ взбодриться – поиграть в снежки или поплавать в бассейне. 5. Предновогодняя суматоха в России совпадает с Рождественскими каникулами в Европейских странах. 6. Учебная деятельность не будет казаться скучной (seem tiresome), если проводить время с интересом и пользой. 7. Больше обращай внимание на те предметы, в которых испытываешь трудности. 8. Быть ответственным значит  проводить время с пользой.


2.Answer the questions.


1. Do you like holidays? 2. Why do you like holidays? 3. Holidays of what season do you like? 4. What activity do you prefer during your holidays? 5. Would you reduce term time, if you had such an opportunity? 6. Where would you like to go on holidays?